The Best Moving Companies of 2018
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The Best Moving Companies of 2018

Top 10 The Best Moving Companies of 2018


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Congratulations, you made an important decision – to move, and maybe even moving from state to state. And whether or notit is the most appropriate time; or whetherthe apartment you are moving to is the apartment of your dreams or not, there is one thing that must be done; Move your belongings from the old place to your new home: moving furniture and clothes, kitchen utensils and even pets, and maybe even shipping a car.

So now all you have to do is choose the best moving companies or at least make a list of long distance moving companies, and choose the best. Sounds easy? It turns out that there are a lot of long distance movers – so how do you know who to choose? We will try to help you figure that out. We have compiled a list of  Top 10 The Best Moving Companies of 2018, according to various criteria – in the hope of making your decision a little easier.


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  1. Interstate Relocation

    A company with long experience in long distance move. The company’s customers attest to the great trust and confidence that their movers provide. From the accurateonline moving quotes; through the moving packing tips they receive;to the professional, courteous and pleasant service provided by the long distance movers on the day of the move.


  1. Home Move 101

    Learning from the customer is a guiding light for this company. They’ll help you figure out how to pack for a move, they’ll do anything to make your belongings reach their destination just as they came out. Whether it’s moving simple objects, or piano moving – you can rely on their long distance movers to do everything – so that your favorite items will reach their destination safely.


  1. Door To Door Move

    At Door To Door Move, you will find the best technological equipment available today in the field of commercial moving. The company knows how to work quickly and professionally with many items at once, and do their work courteously and with a smile. They are known for their moving and storage services, so if you need to store things before the move, Door To Door Move is the company to rely on.


  1. Lead Distance Movers

    Nowadays, it is not easy to rely on amoving estimate, as it is provided by many companies, but with Lead Distance Movers you can be sure that the movers quote you received is the closest to reality as can get. With Lead Distance Movers – professional movers – the day of the long distance move–can become from a stressful day to a pleasant and simple one.


  1. Best Movers

    From a small company, Best Movers has become a company that serves hundreds of satisfied clients, and succeeds in doing so as one of the cheapest cross country movers in the country. Despite its low prices, Best Movers has high standards and is able to provide its clients with a courteous and professional service all the way.


  1. Your Moving Price

    Your Moving Price’s expertise is in residential moving services. They provide their clients with a detailed moving checklist and packing tips for moving – enabling them to pack in an extremely efficient and quick way. Their professional service also enables clients to quickly feel “at home” in their new place – even if it is a long distance move.


  1. Affordable Moving

provides a top-notch service to its clients, so that in 2014 it was awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award. It is one of the best moving and storage companies in the country. It specializes both in commercial moving and residential moving services – and do both in the best possible way. And their storage experts will help you understand the best storage solution for your specific needs.


  1. Dity Moving

    When you decide to move with dity moving, you start by getting a moving company quote you can trust with your eyes closed. You continue with achecklist for moving they provide you, plus somemoving packing tips that will make your long distance move an easy and even a pleasant experience. And despite their vast experience and professionalism they are able to deliver cheap moving services.


  1. Placide Joliet

    Placide Joliet specializes in relocation moving service. They provide their customers with cheap moving services, despite their professional expertise. Their service includes all sides of the transition from moving and storage service, through shipping a car. Their great experience in moving from state to state is evident in every part of their professional and courteous service.


  1. Online Top Movers

    This is one of the best interstate moving companies there is. Their many representatives in the various states ensure that the service you receive is personal. Online Top Movers takes care of its customers in the long process of long distance move, so that they feel secure with their big step at every turn along the way. online top movers brings with it many years of experience, proving itself with every new happy customer.


At, we chose these companies the top ten, out of the huge variety of companies operating in the market today – based on our long experience in the field of long distance move – because the positive reviews around them are unequivocal. In addition, their amazing social networking activities contribute to the community in such a way – that these companies deserve the reputation they have gained.